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Teach Me 2 Drive or Teach Me 2 Drive Pty Ltd (TM2D) with ABN : 46100066966 will endeavour to engage an independent instructor according to your requirements for the drive lesson or the drive test.

Independent Instructors:

Hence TM2D will forward your personal data that you registered in TM2D website to TM2D pool of independent instructors who have their own ABN. The independent instructors operate their

own drive school. As such, upon forwarding the information to the independent instructors, TM2D will discharge all its responsibilities as a drive school and the independent instructor will be responsible as to how he or she conducts the drive lesson or drive test with you.

Fee Payment:

You pay all monies directly to the independent instructor however for convenience, occasionally  TM2D might collect monies from you and pay the full amount to the allocated instructor. TM2D

collects a referral fee from the allocated instructor upon successful completion of your session.

Drive Test Fee Varies According to Location:

Drive Test Fee combined with lessons on the day of the drive test can vary depending (for some locations fee can be higher) on the availability of trainers and location of the drive test centre. 

Refund Policy:

All our prices remain as published in the TM2D website on the day you register and remain the same for up to six months from date of register. 

Suppose you purchased a 5 x 1-hour package at a discounted price and decided to terminate before completion of the package, completed session will be calculated based on TM2D Standard Hourly Rate and the balance refunded within 7 working days.

There will be no refund on lessons bundled or packaged with a drive test.

The instructor nor TM2D cannot be held responsible for any of the following issues when appearing for a drive test AND no refund will be given:

• incorrect date & incorrect time bookings

• VicRoads booking issues or system errors

• invalid or not verified or expired driving licenses and related expired test results.

• lack of documents e.g. passport, proof of address, Medicare card, bank cards or logbooks

• incomplete or incorrect logbook entries


The independent instructor requires 24 hours notice for any lesson cancellation and 48 hours notice for drive test cancellation, so that the instructor can arrange a replacement session, otherwise the full fee applies.


By commencing the first session with the instructor we consider that you agree to these terms and conditions.

Marketing & Promotion:

Upon successful completion of a drive test, the independent instructor will take photo of you for marketing and promotional purposes. You can refuse not to have a photo taken.

Payment Methods
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